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ReAlign Pilates @ Home

Our new online classes ReAlign Pilates @ Home allows you access to a wide library of Pilates based Mat classes . . . allowing you to view and work out at home! These include strength/cardio routines, foundational and functional moves, balance combinations and mind/body connection sequences (‘Mental Moves’). These classes cater for all levels . . .

Suitable for beginners

Intermediate classes

Challenges the experienced

Access all classes for $30/month

or ‘Pay as you Go’ and purchase one class for $9

View some snippets of classes and get a feel for how it works!

View our Frequently Asked Questions for more about how ReAlign Pilates@Home works.

Regardless of whether you are a Pilates veteran, new to this form of activity, rehabilitating an injury or an active sportsperson, there are many, many classes that will challenge your mind and body in the comfort of your own home!

Pilates based Mat workouts at home!

With your Monthly membership you have access to all classes in the library. Classes will be added to the categories each month and you will be notified of this via a Newsletter.

Classes range in length from 20 – 60 minutes and you can access them at any time of day or night.

The Pay as you Go option allows you to purchase a class singularly. Each class is $9 and there are a number of classes from each category to choose from.

We have divided ReAlign Pilates @ Home into 4 categories to help you locate the type of class you would like to complete. 

Re:Align – Intermediate/Advanced

Our focus in these classes is on working the whole body and improving balance.

View all Re:Align classes

Re:Invigorate – Advanced

These are more high intensity classes with aerobic components and demanding choreography.

View all Re:Invigorate classes

Re:Focus – Beginner/ Intermediate

These classes are slower in pace with the right mix of corrective instructions allowing you to concentrate on the specific technique for the exercise.

View all Re:Focus classes

Re:Wire – Beginner

This group of classes, as well as performing Mat Pilates exercises, provides combinations of movements which get your Mind and Body working together to improve neuroplasticity.

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