Studio Pilates

What do I need?

Wear something comfortable for your workout – not too tight or too loose as we need to observe the body and alignment during exercises.

We ask everyone to wear clean socks and bring their own towel and water bottles. 
Due to the Covid-19 measures we ask all those in the Studio Sessions to bring  cotton gloves for all Hands in Strap work and their own Theraband.  In the Mat classes, you can bring your own Mat if you would prefer.

New clients

Studio sessions

If you are a new to Re:Align Pilates and wish to participate in Studio Pilates Sessions you can print out and complete the Registration form below.  Please bring it with you once you have booked in for an Initial Assessment Session with Deanna.

Client Registration Form – Studio


Please be aware that a cancellation policy exists and if you do not give notice at all or adequate notice (1 day) that you are not coming, please expect to be charged a Pilates session. This is imposed due to our fixed participant rate and if you do not let us know about your cancellation, you are preventing someone else attending the session.

View our terms and conditions for these sessions.


Payment must be made before or at the time of each session. Payment can be direct deposit, cash or credit card. View session fees.