Our studio

Our studio

Re:Align Pilates is a member of the PAA (Pilates Association Australia) It is Australia’s peak not-for-profit Pilates representative body.

All Re:Align Pilates instructors have completed a full teacher training program with a rigorous examination process.


Our Mission at Re:Align Pilates is to provide you with the highest level of instruction in a safe, caring and non-competitive atmosphere; to guide you in your ongoing pursuit for health and fitness; to support you in the rehabilitation and management of injuries and to challenge you to new levels of physical and mental wellbeing.

What We Offer

We offer Studio Pilates Classes a Mental Moves Mat class and Online Subscription based @Home classes.

Studio Classes

Initially two private sessions are scheduled, each lasting an hour.

The first is called an Initial Assessment where a full medical history is taken and an assessment made of your movement ability and posture.  We will discuss any personal goals that you desire from your Pilates programme.

In the second private session you will be guided through your personalised programme.  The unique techniques and philosophies will be introduced to you as well as being instructed on the safety and correct use of the specialised Pilates equipment. In addition to this, you will be also given a homework sheet which is a series of mat and stretching exercises so you can continue the mind/body awareness at home.

After these two private sessions, you then have the option to continue with private workouts or go to semi private lessons which are a ratio of up to 4 clients to 1 instructor for a one hour workout.

Various Pilates equipment is used throughout Studio sessions. These include the Universal Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, CoreAlign, Spine Corrector, Swiss Balls, Foam Rollers, Oov, Magic Circles, Chi Balls, BOSU, Franklin balls, Therabands, Ankle Weights and Arm Weights.

Mental Moves Mat class

Mental Moves has been designed to improve balance, co-ordination, strength, neuroplasticity and aerobic capacities of over 65’s.

  • The class starts with a small cardio warmup for get the blood flowing and the fascia sliding and gliding
  • We then move to the floor for some basic Pilates based strength exercises. We work on the whole body sometimes using therabands for more bone building.
  • The last section of the class is group orientated either playing games, working to solve problems, creating movements that make you think and co-ordinate actions. There is always a balance component. It involves working the cerebellum and creating new neurons thus enhancing brain health. It is not about always doing the exercises correctly but trying new things and challenging the brain.
  • The class is based on lots of evidence regarding the aged body and how to improve neuro pathways thus creating better balance and awareness of surroundings. We make sure it is a safe environment and everyone is welcome.
  • Please contact Deanna on 0407 225 753 for more information.
  • Mental Moves runs on Wednesdays from 10-11am and costs $20.

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