Frequently Asked Questions

How does Re:Align @ Home Work?

Re:Align @ Home is a subscription program with a monthly fee which provides access to the entire library of classes.

Once you fill out your payment details, you have 7 days free access before your membership starts and you will automatically be charged to your chosen method of payment. You can cancel at any time by logging into your account. Otherwise you will continue on a month to month basis until you decide to cancel your subscription.

You must have access to the internet in order to view the workouts.  You can stream them at any time of day or night during your subscription period. 

Is there a minimum term for Re:Align @ Home?

Your membership is paid monthly and there is no minimum term. Your month to month commitment will continue until you cancel your subscription by logging into your account.

How long can I access the Pay as you Go classes?

You have 1 (one) day (24 hours) to watch and workout to the session selected.

How do I know which category of classes to go for?

Beginners should head to the Re:Focus or Re:Wire category.  These go at a slower pace with more instructions.  If you are familiar with Pilates then the Re:Align and Re:Invigorate categories are for you.  The beauty is that you can go to a category and if it isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can change and try another one.

Do you do some Barre?

Yes, the Barre is in the Re:Invigorate category as it has the high cardio component with faster movements.

Can I access Re:Align @ Home if I live outside Australia?

Absolutely!!  Re:Align @ Home are online workouts.  You will need good internet access in order to view the sessions but they are available any time of day or night within your subscription period anywhere in the world.

Do I need equipment to complete the workouts?

Some sessions don’t have require any equipment just a mat to lie on.  Some require small Pilates equipment like a long theraband, foam roller or hand weights.  A stable chair for some balance activities is recommended if you feel unsafe and unstable. The small Pilates equipment can be purchased at any Sports Store.

How many workouts are in the Re:Align Pilates @ Home programme? How long are the workouts?

New workouts are being added to the library each month.  They will be placed in any of the four categories and you will be notified via an email. 

The description of each workout video will give you an indication if the session is suitable for you. Workouts range between 20-60 minutes in length.

Is Re:Align@Home suitable if I am pregnant (Prenatal) or recently had a baby (Postnatal)?

We do not have pre/post natal specific workouts within the library however you will be able to work on parts of the Re:Focus and Re:Wire Categories.  You will need to see your Health Care Professional to get the all clear to exercise before signing up.  Re:Align Pilates @ Home takes no responsibility for any pain/discomfort or injuries occurred whilst completing the workouts.

When do my payments start?

We offer a 7 day free trial.  A customer is required to provide a payment method on joining (at the beginning of the trial period of 7 days) and the first payment will be made in 7 days to keep the subscription active.

As a member of Re:Align Pilates @ Home you will continue to be automatically charged each month through your chosen payment method until you choose to cancel.

How do I Cancel my Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, after logging in to the website you will view your Account Dashboard > go the section ‘Subscriptions’.  In the table under ‘Actions’ there is a green button ‘Cancel’.  On clicking this button your status will immediately move to ‘Pending Cancellation’ and no payments will be charged in the future.  You will continue to have access to the website and classes for the remainder of your paid monthly term however no future payments will be made.

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