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Re:Align Pilates is all about you! We help to empower YOU to reform your health through movement and inspire the change needed for both your mind and body to thrive.

$30 for 30 days

You can sign up at any time within June or July to receive full access to over 100 classes from the Re:Align online library for 30 days (no locked-in contract).

who we are

At Re:Align Pilates we are interested in making you move the best way you can. We aim to retrain your neural pathways by making you aware of how you move. This allows us to reset and rewire these pathways helping you out of pain and into a better quality of life.

Re:Align Pilates Features

ReAlign @ Home Pilates Classes

Access our extensive online classes at home.

Practise your Pilates anywhere and at anytime with 24/7/365 access to our video library. You can ‘ Pay as you Go’ or purchase a monthly subscription.

Studio Pilates

Professional Guidance and care with Studio Pilates.

An individualised programme is designed to allow your goals to be met. A homework programme is also supplied to help you understand ‘how’ you move.

Fascial Manipulation

A type of soft tissue manipulation using knuckles and elbows.

Fascial Manipulation is a hands on therapy which follows a strict system of guidelines to release tension within the body.

Let me learn more about you!

Our body is complicated! I can give you the tools, knowledge and skills to help you move better.

Receive up to SIX FREE videos which will help you stretch and strengthen the area of your pain.

    Deanna started her Pilates journey after having children and wanting a new adventure from her high school PDHPE/ Dance teaching career. Re:Align Pilates has been operating for over 11 years and throughout this time Deanna’s main priority was to create a safe studio space where people feel calm, connected and looked after. Everyone is on their own health journey and Deanna’s inclusive personality along with her extensive theoretical knowledge and endless quest to understand how the body moves helps to provide everyone entering her space with an experience that is generally never the same!

    Receive a FREE 10 minute video explaining this ‘buzz’ word.

    Mental Moves Mat Class

    Dea has developed a new class which incorporates strength training, cardio, core strength, balance and dual tasking activities. It is safe for those who have chronic health conditions like Osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s Disease. Dea has taken post graduate training in both these areas and is passionate about improving the social and physical health of the mature population.

    If you are up for a challenge and a lot of laughs come along. There is a lovely coffee shop next door and it has become a habit to visit it after the class!

    CLASS TIME: Wednesdays 10-11am $20/ session.

    Gift Vouchers Available

    Purchase a gift voucher for that special person who you know would obtain maximum benefit out of either the In person Studio Pilates sessions, Mental Move Mat class or the Re:Align @ Home Online sessions.

    Provide an experience for your loved one that they will use and brings them joy every single day.

    Contact Deanna for more information on 0407 225 753.

    For the love of Pilates

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